Partner Austin Champion Published in Law360

Partner Austin Champion was recently published in Law360 as a co-author of an article titled “Staying Out of Treble Trouble: Clues from Samsung Case.”

The article, published in Law360s Expert Analysis section, examined a recent decision in the Eastern District of Texas, where Judge Amos Mazzant became the first federal judge to award enhanced damages for patent infringement under the new US Supreme Court standard set by Halo Electronics Inc. v. Pulse Electronics Inc. Based on new discretion granted judges by the Halo decision, Mazzant tripled the $7 million award and issued a $21 million judgement against Samsung, the maximum allowed under § 284.

Time will tell whether this case has a significant impact on how other patent infringement matters will be handled moving forward. “The Imperium decision may be a sign of things to come in the Eastern District of Texas, it may be a benchmark for other jurisdictions, or it may simply be an outlier that would have the same result if considered under the Seagate test.”

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