Protecting Your Brand. Protecting Your Business.

In today’s global marketplace, smart companies protect their growing brand with a strong portfolio of trademarks. A trademark is a reflection of goodwill--the trust developed between you and your customers. A trademark is a symbol of confidence that your branded products or services are superior to those offered by your competitors. Without trademark protection, competitors can chip away at this goodwill and profit on the reputation of your brand.

Trademark rights begin with the use of a trademark in connection with the goods or services you offer to the public. Registering your trademark provides enhanced protection for your brand and increases its value as a business asset.

Our firm has helped clients secure thousands of registered trademarks in the United States and around the world. We have helped companies strategically build and manage large trademark portfolios throughout the world, and we can help you, too.

Protecting your brand requires more than filling out an online form. It requires skill and experience to navigate the complex process of identifying valid trademarks, clearing potential trademarks, and obtaining robust and enforceable trademark protection.

We are Dallas, Texas intellectual property attorneys with decades of experience assisting individuals, startups, growth companies, and Fortune 100 clients with trademark prosecution, portfolio management, and brand enforcement.

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