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With proper planning, a patent can provide you with incredible rights to exclude companies from making, using, selling or offering to sell your invention without permission. Quality patents can dramatically increase the value of your business by reducing or eliminating your competition.

Great patents come from great lawyers with deep experience in patent prosecution. They don't come from online forms, self-help books, or "invention consultants."

Our registered patent attorneys have decades of experience. We are Dallas, Texas patent attorneys, and we have helped Fortune 100 companies obtain thousands of patents in a wide variety of industries. We can help you, too.

Even if you can't bring your idea to market, a patent can be licensed to companies in exchange for a royalty payment. Patents can also be sold or assigned to companies that are interested commercializing your invention.

Don't delay. Under federal law, patents are awarded to the first person to file a patent--not the first person to come up with the invention.

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